Can we get Project level identification in the drop down menu when linking to tasks?

I am finding the lack of project level identification preventing me from really using it.

I have the exact same worded tasks across many of my projects (part of templates). When I go to link the task, its impossible to decipher which task is related to what project.

In the screenshot below I only have two, and know which one was completed… but Im about to create 10 more templates with this same task and its going to be impossible to use this feature, which I intended for my users to use…

I think it prioritizes tasks that are in the same team as the project you’re in? So maybe thats one way to increase the chances of guessing correctly. But thats not a great way to design a workflow…

Open to workarounds… but wondering if this is something that could be considered as an improvement…

UPDATE: I discovered that the visibility is set to show you the level above the item. So in my original post, I was pulling up subtasks, and it was showing me the parent task name.

However, for parent level tasks, it does in deed show the project name.

Understand its hard to fit everything… but would be amazing if it was able to be done somehow

Would be great for this request to flow into the mobile UI as well. Attaching screenshot showing where it doesnt.

I guess my workaround for now is to filter via “In Project” but would just be so much faster to have the project visibility.

I know my use case may be sin the minority, but adding the info here in case this gets picked up.