Can I import PROJECTS from a csv file?



Can I import PROJECTS from a csv file? I mean ‘projects’ (no ‘tasks’).



Hi @Walter_Mazzola,

I recommend that you visit this blog post to learn our full CSV importer functionality. It is possible to customize each column a bit, but I believe we do not offer a way to import projects themselves, assuming you mean project names alone. That said, if you’re referring to the full ins and outs of a project, then the CSV importer will do the trick!



Hi Alexis

I have the same question as Walter.
I start using Asana and I need about 1000 various projects.
Also I created a template that I want to use for all my projects.
Is there a way to import the list of projects that I need, or or do I have to do create all of them manually? If so, this because this costs me a huge amount of time…



Hi @Rudy_Lippens

I don’t know of a way to import separate projects en masse, unless that can be done through the API. Otherwise, unfortunately, you’d have to do it one at a time.


Hi Mark

Thanks for this answer. I was already afraid of this …
Hopefully a solution will come up in a future version.