Can I import PROJECTS from a csv file?


Can I import PROJECTS from a csv file? I mean ‘projects’ (no ‘tasks’).


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Hi @Walter_Mazzola,

I recommend that you visit this blog post to learn our full CSV importer functionality. It is possible to customize each column a bit, but I believe we do not offer a way to import projects themselves, assuming you mean project names alone. That said, if you’re referring to the full ins and outs of a project, then the CSV importer will do the trick!


Hi Alexis

I have the same question as Walter.
I start using Asana and I need about 1000 various projects.
Also I created a template that I want to use for all my projects.
Is there a way to import the list of projects that I need, or or do I have to do create all of them manually? If so, this because this costs me a huge amount of time…


Hi @Rudy_Lippens

I don’t know of a way to import separate projects en masse, unless that can be done through the API. Otherwise, unfortunately, you’d have to do it one at a time.

Hi Mark

Thanks for this answer. I was already afraid of this …
Hopefully a solution will come up in a future version.


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I have the same question. Does Asana have a way to import PROJECTS (not tasks) yet ?

Has there been any movement with this? It would increase our team’s efficiency markedly.

Have the same question. Importer is not handy at all, if you have to open Projects one by one… There has to be a workaround to bulk import Projects with their tasks, even in 2 phases (1st phase all projects, 2nd phase all their related tasks)

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@M.Flouris your best option natively is to build a project template with desired sections, custom fields, etc. You can then use this template to create new projects (just give them a name) and then use the CSV Importer to add the necessary tasks. If the tasks within are consistent across all projects then simply add them to the project template so you don’t have to even use the CSV Importer.

Outside of project templates, there isn’t a way to expedite the creation of new projects natively at this time. You might be able to leverage a third party solution depending on what exactly you are looking to achieve. It would seem that using Zapier you can create Asana Projects via new rows being added to a Google Sheet.

This is far from being a solution. Most users, having organized their work in Sheets (Excel, Google,…) prior to ASANA, have a column referring to each task’s parent project. Also, generally speaking, you cannot safely assume all projects are fully consistent in terms of their tasks.
Nevertheless, it seems quite straightforward to ask for an importing tool to intialize ASANA with BOTH projects+tasks. Pay a third party tool only for that (once-off use) seems a waste. I mean they considered to add sections+tasks, why not projects+tasks? It’s only natural, isn’t it?

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Sorry, @M.Flouris. I was just offering a workaround. I see the value in what you are looking to do via the CSV import. Unfortunately, this feature only supports data entry at the task level, one project at a time which is why a parent project field isn’t required.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t making this assumption. Quite frankly, I personally use the CSV Importer far more than I do Custom Templates BECAUSE most projects we track in Asana vary when it comes to the tasks included. My CSV Import file is actually an output of an Excel Spreadsheet which helps our team configure what tasks are applicable, the associated cadence (which impacts due dates) of the tasks as well as the assignees.

I certainly can see value in being able to import more than just the tasks; however, it would complicate the import process. There would be additional items that would have to be mapped in order for the dataset to be added to Asana successfully. Nonetheless, I think you should consider creating a new topic for this suggestion within the #productfeedback category so others can vote on it.

Still, you can think of another walkaround (again…), as follows:

The only thing is to consider that your projects are tasks and your actual tasks are subtasks. If you do so, you open a dummy project in Asana (eg. “MyImports”). Now your EXCEL, has to be as follows:

Name Description Assignee Followers Due Date Subtask of Priority

MyProject Lorem Ipsum… 1/1/2021
MyTask XYZ… 1/1/2021 MyProject Normal

The above, has to be saved as CSV UTF-8 and will be easily imported as a list of tasks and subtasks under “MyImports” project. Then all you have to do is one-by-one (unfortunately) convert all tasks to projects. The subtasks will be automatically converted to tasks.

This trick might be usefull to those who are initially migrating their excel (or Google) sheets to ASANA.