Exporting a csv for importing multiple times

We have a project that we are using as a template. It contains dependencies, some of which are above and some are below in the project. Is it possible to download this template as a csv and then upload it again so it works in the new project?

We have tried several different times, and the dependencies are just a nightmare and don’t import correctly.


It should be possible provided dependent tasks are always below precedent tasks in the CSV, as mentioned here:

and that you honor the other requirements of the CSV Importer.

I don’t know your use case, but did you consider task templates?

Another approach, instead of CSV, could be duplicating the project and then re-homing the duplicated tasks to the destination project. Or perhaps a project template or ditto.kothar.net similarly



Hi Larry

We do use templates. However sometimes we have updates to our project where we need to import a section of the said template. We can download the template as a csv and take out the irrelevant sections, however it will no upload correctly. I would have thought that if you create a template with dependencies which work, then if you downloaded it to a csv, and then uploaded it again the dependencies should still work, but they don’t.

Having to re-write your task flow in a csv seems counter-intuitive, and if you have already gone through the exercise of creating the task flow, why won’t it be the same in the csv?

We have tried re-writing the csv, but we are obviously not tech-savvy enough to do it correctly. The instructions for writing a csv with dependencies that work is not easy to follow if you are not a programmer or an IT expert.

Sorry for the frustration.

I don’t think CSVs are going to provide the most streamlined solution here.

When you say, “we do use templates” do you mean actual task templates:

I think that will streamline things, as will doing all the work in Asana, not outside of Asana.

Another trick that could help, depending on your need, is to include in a task template various subtasks for different purposes, and you can drag the one you need to the left main tasks list to promote it to a top-level task and discard those that you don’t need. This might be a better approach for your irrelevant sections.

I’m afraid that’s the best I can offer here in the Forum, but perhaps others will chime in or, I and others are available for consulting as Asana partners.



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