Calculate a net promoter score with Formulas

Alright, I know you can add a “Formula” field to calculate a new value based on other field values for a given task-- that’s great!

What I’m wondering is can I do this on a more grand scale:

Essentially, I want to calculate a net promoter score-- I don’t care WHERE I calculate it (dashboard, list view, etc) as long as I can show it.

Calculation is (Count of Promoters-Count of Detractors)/(Count of Promoters + Count of Detractors + Count of Passives)

Hi @b_free yes you can do it. It is all custom fields so each of the numbers needs to be a custom field and then you have a formula custom field.

@Danielle-GenD I don’t understand how to do that. The calculation is based on the number of tasks per section, so in the following screenshot the NPS value would be calculated:

[(Number of tasks in Promoters section - Number of tasks in Detractors section)/ Total number of tasks in project]

(6 - 2)/9


You’re saying I’m able to calculate that with formulas? If so can I see an example?

I think I figured it out, it’s a bit cludgy, but it works.


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