Box file picker deficient / inefficient

Asana’s file picker for Box is nearly useless, from a practical standpoint. It always takes the user to the very top folder in Box, so to attach a file, one must dig down however many folder levels deep to find one’s file. If there was just a way to view / sort by “recently modified” files, that would help find 95%+ of files that would be attached. Simple filename search would be helpful too.

Without these features, I will always copy the shared file URL and paste into Asana task description or comment.

Because you are on “”, I am wondering if Asana can fix this or if this is just Box problem :thinking:

I’m not totally clear what you are saying the issue iss about “”, but in any event, I did not choose the URL where the file picker takes me; Asana presumably did.

That my point exactly, I don’t know if Asana can tell Box where it should open :man_shrugging:

Update: fed with this this crappy file picker, I emailed They claim the issue is on Asana’s side, and that the Box content picker supports search if Asana implements properly. See

Box integration must not be widely used as in surprised how little following this topic has. This issue makes using box integration nearly useless.