Google Drive File Picker Usability


I find the usability of the file picker for Google Docs to be below par. The only way to quickly attach a document that I currently am working on in another tab is copy & paste the title of it into search, wait a sec, and then click the autocomplete result. The list of folders that it presents by default is pretty random and therefore not useful.

We also use Slack. Their Google Docs file picker is much more usable. 1) it doesn’t seem to make me click on the my google account as much for authorization, 2) it shows recent docs at the top of the initial list – that is great! 99% of the time the doc I want is there. Often, attaching a doc with their system is 3 clicks.

Same action in Asana takes more clicks, copy & paste, and tab-switching. :frowning:


I’ve noticed the same thing, although sometimes it shows recent documents and sometimes it doesn’t. I assumed this was a Google issue. As for the login, it’s easier to login to Google first and then use the Login with Google button to log into Asana. That should avoid your having to choose a Google account later. I wonder whether that also changes the default picker view, since sometimes I log into Google first and sometimes I don’t.



Indeed I agree with the previous comments, Google Drive picker is not taking into account folder structure, all folders and sub-folders are visible in a random order what makes research almost impossible without using the search bar. Is there a solution to fix this and get the same structure as in Google Drive ?

Thank you



Has someone a solution to fix that issue ?
I already emptied historical, cache, … updated Chrome version, … but no differences …



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