Billing & Credit Memo

Recently we are merging 2 division to one, as we just learn about the double licence fee for Business (Adv) and Premium (Starter) as long as the project/team require the users in the project of other divisions.

We are still working with the Asana Support to finalize the details. However, response is slow.

I wonder if anyone experience the same problem I am facing now.

Some questions, and i think Asana shall improve their billing method:

  1. Can we change the invoice period for annual plan? → may allow user to select the billing period in the admin console.

  2. How can we access the credit balance with Asana?

  3. We have various divisions. Wonder if we are all to transfer the credit to other division? or it will be refunded if we close the division in the future?

  4. I noticed that we does not receive any credit memo, which our finance is not able to track the credit balance and for the finance supporting document.

Please share if you have such experience and how you overcome them.
I hope Asana can improve their billing system.

Welcome, @Ken_Koh,

I’m sorry to hear this and hope it rectifies soon.

I wish I could answer your questions but I feel you’ll need an Asana Sales or Support person.

Meanwhile, I’ve moved this thread to another category which is more appropriate.



Sure please, sorry for create this under the wrong category.

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