Big Wall Display for Asana?

Hej there, we are looking for a possibility to display Asana tasks and boards on a big wall display. Found Mango display, but it seems they are not integrated with Asana. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi @Dmitriy6,

Maybe Screenful, which integrates with Asana?

(CC: @Sami_Linnanvuo, the founder of Screensful)

Hi @Dmitriy6 @Phil_Seeman

Thanks Phil for the mention. Yes, with Screenful you can create a dashboard to display data from Asana, and set it on rotation on TV screens. Here’s a slightly newer guide about that feature:

You can learn more and sign up for a free trial at Analytics and Reports for Asana by Screenful

You can reach out to me at to learn more!


You can try displays from They offer quite big displays, but in wooden frames. They use DAKboard as a system under the hood.

Thank you for the info. Do you have any experience using the DAKboard or the displays from them?

We have not yet tried it, but we have one which we ordered recently. If you are interested we can provide further details when it is up and running.

yes, please.

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