Giving "view only" ability to a display monitor?

Good day team!

I’m wanting to set up a big 72" flatscreen in our manufacturing facility to display information from Asana (from very specific projects). Essentially I’m going to use it to display our manufacturing daily tasks and also display the Dashboard view of a few projects. I just need any/all edit permissions turned off, I don’t want someone accidentally making an edit to a high priority task.

Can I share a project so that we can view it from the shop’s computer, which is NOT logged on to Asana and does not have an Asana account to log in with?

I need them to be able to see nearly all views (list, board, dashboard, calendar).

Hi @Matt5,

you could do the following:
In yout Project, navigate to the right corner where it says: Public Link: Off
Now turn it on and create a “read only” Link

Use that Link to Display the board on your Screen


That’s it! Hidden in plain sight. Thank you Josh!

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