Burnup and burndown charts for Asana

We’ve now moved to public beta with our Asana integration. You can sign up and give it a try at https://screenful.com/dashboard-for-asana/

With this add-on, you can get a burnup and burndown charts for your Asana project as well as track metrics like lead and cycle times.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

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The product looks amazing!

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Hi, I took a look and like the interface & UI walking you through the setup.
However, for our use case, having a dashboard per project is too cumbersome. Per team would be something I could consider using.

I am not able to see the project I want to do a dashboard for?

Hi Sara,

You can aggregate multiple projects into one dashboard. You just need to create dashboards for all those projects first and then you have them under the sources tab.

Ok let me try that out. Thanks!

With Bridge24, users can connect dynamically to Asana and instantly create and export powerful charts. The different chart types supported are: Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar, Horizontal bar, and Vertical bar.

You can read their full blog post here: