Be explicit in your fields when using Board view

If your Asana project relies on both Board view and custom fields, you might want to consider going a little bit more explicit in your labels. Let me explain :point_down:

If you look at the image attached, it is impossible to tell what “High” and “No” means, unless you hover on them and wait for the label to appear.


That’s what I mean when I say “more explicit”. By renaming the options in your dropdown, you allow a card to be read/understood without opening the task fully.


What do you think?


I think that makes complete sense. For a visual view, like Board View, the less mouse movement and more clear information is, the quicker people can get to the right things.
Thanks for sharing!

100% with you @Bastien_Siebman! It saves time and makes it easier to analyze the tasks without clicking on them, and we move closer to less ambiguous tasks. Thank you for sharing this tip!