Batch Exporting using a Business license

Hi, I’m looking to use Asana to host detailed questionnaires (>300 rows of data) which we will then want to export into Power BI / Tableau etc…

Before populating the forms and releasing them to customers, I would like to check that I can export the data from Asana using a Business license or do I need enterprise to achieve this objective?



Hi @Mark_Kuhillow :wave:

It might depend on what you mean by “export into Power BI / Tableau etc…”

If you want to export the project (containing the form submissions) via a .csv, the export is available for any plan.
For consolidated data (forms answers to be stored in Custom Fields = Columns), you will need a Premium account (or above), to create the Custom Fields.

The Power BI integration requires Business (or above).

The Tableau integration requires Business (or above)

Conclusion: Business should be enough :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Arthur_BEGOU , I will need Custom Fields. As I have Business account, will this allow me to export datasets of this ilk even as a CSV?



Yes, to export your data as Custom Fields, you can follow those steps:

  • Create the Custom Fields in your project

  • Connect the forms questions to the previously created Custom Fields (see screenshot below)

  • Collect the form submissions

  • Export your data as consolidated .csv (see an example of export below


@Arthur_BEGOU thank you for your help - hugely appreciated

Hi @Arthur_BEGOU , I have now created my form and would like to start testing. Could you tell me where the export data functions reside as I’m struggling to find them? Thanks

Hi @Mark_Kuhillow :wave:

Sure, there it is :
chrome-capture-2023-9-9 (1)

@Arthur_BEGOU , perfect, thank you

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU , I’ve hit the maximum field limit of 100. I need more than 100 fields in my CSV output, how do I go about achieving this in Asana?

Sorry, but I think that’s a current limitation (100 fields / project).
More information:

You could consider storing as text description some of your form answers, but they won’t be exported in separated fields/columns.

@Arthur_BEGOU, thanks, I’ll have a look at this

Hi @Arthur_BEGOU , I have another question. As suggested, I’m trying to remove some text descriptions from being exported, but when I try to disconnect them, they either delete the whole field or Asana tells me that I am still at my 100 field limit. How do I safely detatch them from my fields without losing the field entirely?



Hey Mark

I’m sorry, this goes beyond my experience (I’ve never faced this situation).

Maybe you could add a screenshot; but I’m not sure if I will be able to help without diving (much) more into that use-case, in a consulting session.

Hi, no worries, I’ve figured it out. You need to make the changes in the Field section of the customize menu.

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