"Bad request" adding a custom field setting

I had an incident today where I went to add 3 custom fields to a project using the addCustomFieldSetting endpoint, specifying is_important = true for all 3 fields.

The project already had 3 custom fields on it marked as is_important.

I was able to add the first two fields with no problem, but on adding the third one, I got a 400-Bad Request returned.

Since I know one can only have 5 custom fields showing in a list view (i.e. 5 fields set as is_important), is it possible the Asana API will return Bad Request if you try to set a 6th field as is_important = true, and that’s what I ran into today?

Yes, that’s correct. Attempting to add a sixth important custom field setting on a project results in an error because there’s no way for the API to fulfill the request given the product limits.

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