backspace backs up to other tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
in a board. deleting typed text with backspace, text gone, then board disappears, then another board appears, then another. depends on how much backspacing is done.
Steps to reproduce:
try it.
Browser version:
vivaldi, (chromium)
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HI @jj1 and thank you for taking time to report this!

I have tested on my end and I wasn’t able to reproduce what you are explaining here. But in order to better understand what might be happening would you mind testing the following steps and let me know what the results are?

  1. Can you please clear your cache and cookies and test it again?
  2. Can you please try to log into your Asana account from a different browser and let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue?
  3. Could you also test this while using an Incognito window and let me know the results?

If you continue experiencing this issue would you mind recording a screencast to help us visualize the behaviour you are getting? Loom is a great app for video screencasts:

In your video screencast, we recommend that you use a Chrome Incognito window and have your Javascript console open:

Try to include the entire browser window, including URL bar, in the video screencast.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the Screencast publicly in the this thread, feel free to DM me (You just need to click on my name above and select “Message”).

  1. no point. Same action on 3 different systems.

  2. yes. Firefox does same

  3. I’ve never used incognito and can’t find it here.

Before I spend time recording, and since I don’t see my original comment included with your reply, let me be clear about the situation. I am not referring to backspacing through an existing board task, where editing causes an editing window to appear. I am referring to hitting the plus to create a new board task, type a few characters, then hit backspace to delete them. When it finishes deleting all the character, watch the backspace take you through to next board task, next project, back to my tasks. It’s as if it is a back arrow. I would expect it, instead, to simply delete the just typed text and leave me with a blank task to retype. Rather I have to go back to the project, find the column I was working in and hit plus again.



Hi @jj1, thanks for confirming this information!

I tried to reproduce the issue but I don’t experience the same behaviour. I followed these steps:

  1. Create a new board task
  2. Type a few characters
  3. Then hit backspace to delete them
  4. When it finishes deleting all the character, the task is automatically deleted as it’s empty
  5. I’m in the same project (board view). I need to click the plus icon to create a new task in the project

It seems your backspace is configured to take you back to the previous page.

In regards to the option to keep the empty task after deleting all the character, this is currently not possible. When the task is empty it’ll be automatically deleted. I’d recommend you leaving one black space if you need to keep working on the task.

I hope this helps!

Emily, I don’t know how the backspace key on my keyboard would be remapped. I’ve never done that, It takes registry tweaks or remapping program.

Also, I just tried using backspace on the regular task list. Same thing. It will finish deleting the characters in that task and proceed to the task above. Or, it is the top task in a list, it will proceed to whatever task moves up to be the top task. Start at a lower task, you can wipe out every task in the list. Apparently boards work a bit differently in that backspace will just take you out of asana. Which I guess is a bonus, it won’t be wiping out other tasks.

I have tried this in asana in firefox. Same behavior.

I have tried this in asana on another computer. Same behavior.

All windows 10 1909

I see in the list of asana keyboard shortcuts, that backspace will delete the empty task. Ok. Continuing through whatever then falls into the path of the cursor, beyond the originally intended behavior is known in the software development field as ‘bad behavior’ . Since windows keyboards will accelerate when a key is held down, this is a recipe for disaster, and frustration. After an task is deleted by backspace, the deletions should cease, not proceed to wipe out every other task.

Try it.