Automating Due Date for task, but only for the 1st instance it moves to a section

I have setup my Board as ‘To Do’, ‘Resource A Backlog’, ‘Resource A WIP’, ‘Resource B Backlog’, ‘Resource B WIP’, ‘Review’, and ‘Completed’. I have also some automation such that when the task moves to ‘Resource A WIP’, the due date is set as +4 days. I would like for this to happen only the first time a task is moved is to ‘Resource A WIP’, and not when a task is being reworked on.

I found a workaround for this, which is as follows,

  1. Set a custom field and set the default value of the field as ‘Y’
  2. Set a rule to change the value of the field to ‘N’ when the task moves to ‘Resource A WIP’
  3. Edit the due date setting rule to add another condition where it checks if the value of custom field is ‘Y’ before executing the rule.


  1. Will the option stated above work?
  2. Is there a better way to do this?
  3. Is there a way to list subtasks on the board?

Hi @Vivek7,

Yes, your solution is 100% the correct way to implement this behavior.

You can have subtasks show on the board if you associate them to the project (by default, subtasks are not attached to the project).

Thank you Phil! I was able to get this workflow going, thank you!

Here are a few other challenges I am facing. It would be great if you could share your insights/workarounds.

  1. Deviation in workflow for tasks within a project depending on a custom field. The tasks have a common path up until a certain point, then they diverge and converge at a later point.
  2. Dependency on subtask for a short period. Example, consider the task of editing a video. When the editor is working on adding the audio files, a subtask is created as an automated rule for an assistant to collate the necessary images for placeholders within the video. The next task is adding the images to the placeholders. The task of video editing cannot move into the next stage unless the subtask of collating the images is completed by the assistant. I wanted to capture this separately since both the tasks of audio edit and image collation run parallelly and are assigned to two different resources. Any workaround for this?
  3. Is there any way I can add a rule when a task moves out of a section? Currently, rules can only be set when a task moves into a section.
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Hard to say without knowing all of the details but you’ll probably just have to create a separate rule to handle each of the divergent cases. (This will likely be more manageable in the upcoming new rule builder using branching.)

What’s the issue here? Is it that you’re using the Asana “Add subtask” rule action and you can’t make the subtask be a blocker on the parent task? Or something else?

Not with native Asana rules, no. You can do it with a rule in our Flowsana integration, though, as we have that trigger: :wink: