Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms

+1 on the needing to be able to automatically add the submitter as a collaborator. This would be a huge improvement to our current ticket system we are using Asana forms for. Thanks!

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I voted for it because it makes totally sense to add submitters as collaborators. In our case we could totally build up our internal helpdesk for subsidiary companies.

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chiming in here that my org increasingly uses forms for intake of workflows across many teams. we always ask them to submit their email address as well as the email addresses of any people that might need to follow the task. it would be INCREDIBLE if they could instead choose user(s) from the dropdown of the asana org to say who needs to follow the task, or to automatically associate an email in our domain with a user, and add them. at a baseline we definitely are DYING for the ‘automatically make me a follower of my submissions’ option

How is still not an option to select the user as auto-assigned to the ticket if the form was created by an Asana-logged-in user? We need this badly! +1 for this feature!