Automate tasks in Asana

I’m trying automate tasks in Asana. Basically, have the automation go down the list and I click complete on each one as it runs. Can someone provide me with some assistance or recommendations on automations?

To clarify - the automation will simply mark tasks as “complete”. What’s the trigger for this?

You would have a list of tasks to complete. I guess you would “start” the tasks and it would iterate to next one after you complete the current task. There would also be a way to pause it so you can come back to it in case you lose your place. Does that make sense?

Hm, that’s an interesting workflow. I can’t think of a solution off of the top of my head. Perhaps there’s a time tracking app or something that will integrate.

Not sure if I completely understand the ask, but… There is an interesting product that called that now has Asana integration ($3/month). It is basically a Chrome extension that can show your “My Tasks” list (or any other list) in the corner of a new Chrome tab. It has a play button at the top of your list. Click the play button and a task is moved to “Your main Focus” when you complete that task, the next task moves over to become your main focus. Sounds something like what you are looking for.


Interesting rec, @Bob_Kiernan - going to look into it! =)

Thanks Caisha,
Here is a much better explanation of it :slight_smile: Welcome to Momentum, Asana · Momentum Dash Blog