Asana Showing only 1 Task at a time (integration?)

Tried looking for it in forums but could not find, I would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction : )
I am looking for either a way to do it in asana or via some integration

I would like to have a view in Asana (or software connected to asana) to show only 1 task lets call it ‘Task A’ ( either from my tasks, or from a project that has got a number of tasks).
After i complete the ‘Task A’ - another task -‘Task B’ from the project/my tasks appear in the view - and the view only shows Task B.
Once i complete Task B - then it will show another task from the project - and so on

Anyone could help with that?

Did you try the full screen shortcut for task?

Fullscreen could help but you won’t get the next task when you complete indeed.

@Enric_Moreno thanks for the answer, i thought about it but not entirely the thing i wanted to achieve i am afraid.

Was thinking that some sort of integration with a rule where after 1 task is marked as finished, another task gets imported from asana - anyone might have any suggestions ? :smiley: