Automate Project Number


We are a Property Development business and have the following Order in Asana:
Team: - > WFMS
101 John Rd
102 Smith Rd

How do we ensure that when we are ready for the next project the number is 103 and I can manually type the address in


I believe there is no way to do this, you would have to check manually and/or ask your team to follow the rule


Very difficult to manage manually as it will be time consuming and prone to error.Lets take the below projects that are currently there:


And now we are about to start KWY-106 but before we start KWY-106 the KWY-105 was completed and has been Archived and now you only see


So how does someone go and figure out that then next project has to be KWY-106

If there are 30 projects going on then it becomes very difficult to figure out what the next number will be unless time spent manually to figure it out

@Katie can you please provide some feedback


You could use a reference project to to keep track on each project.
In addition to that, the number of project can be put in either custom field or tags.


@Kaitie can you please assist


Hi @Seuj_Barua As @Vib_Wor mentioned you could track this project number in a custom field, and as @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, there is not way to automate this directly in Asana. You could use the API to write into a custom field for each new project, and you can see more information on the API here: