Automate cvs import


Is it possible for a live link between csv files and asana? Meaning no manual imports of spreadsheets, regardless if you create new fields of data in asana or the spreadsheet itself?

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Just to be sure, are you referring to the possibility to have a real-time sync between Asana and CSV? As it stands, this is currently not possible but I would suggest you to have a look at the following post: Google sheet & Asana reporting - #11 by Tom_Benner you might find it helpful!

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Hi Natalia,

Correct, i was referring to the possibility for a real time sync between Asana and Csv. Awesome, i heard about velocity and data links, thank you.

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I know that my answer is late, but I’d like to advise you Skyvia. This cloud-based app allows you to schedule import Asana data to CSV:
Btw. free version is available, so feel free to try it.
P.S. I’m a member of the development team