Attachments in Asana after downgrading or terminating a users seat

What happens to the attachments in Asana after a user’s seat is terminated?
Also, what happens to the attachments in the event we downgrade our plan?

DO we keep access to those attachments?
If not, Can we mass export attachments?

Thank you

@Genesy_Hernandez I don’t believe attachments are linked to a subscription level they are available from free upwards.

Not sure what would happen to attachments that a terminated user has marked private or in private projects.

@Cathya are you able to advise…


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Hi @Genesy_Hernandez :wave:t4: Thank you for posting your question on the Forum.

Also, thanks for looping me in @Jason_Woods. I’m happy to help!

At this time there is no mass export for attachments. But I will be happy to forward your helpful feedback to our Development Team to consider for future improvements.

Also, please note that in a Premium Organization you unblock the admin feature which is super helpful for deprovision users overall. When the admin of an Organization removes a user from the Organization they receive an email containing a link with all of the removed user’s data (including attachments).

All of the removed user’s attachments will remain intact once they’re removed, then the admin can re-assign all of the removed user’s tasks as well.

In addition, you can leverage Asana’s API to download attachments one by one, check out this link for more details on API:

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Cathya :blush: