Attachments from PM to dropbox/box


Hi there - trying to work out how we can best use attachments and not sure if Asana can do this…

What i’d really like to be able to do is to specify for each project a dropbox/box folder into which any uploaded attachments are filed. We get a lot of inbound attachments coming in through a variety of methods and i’d really like to use Asana as the means of transferring them to the appropriate location.

As far as I can tell if i manually save these files to dropbox/box, i can then go into asana and link them to the project in question - i’d just like to be able to skip that step if possible and drag them straight into the asana attachment window and have asana upload them to the necessary location.

hope i’ve explained that ok - thanks in advance for any support!


Hi @John_White,
The functionality you describe isn’t currently available in Asana, but you may be able to find a creative solution using the Asana API! More details here