Assigning Tasks to a team(s) or group(s) and Add team(s) or a group(s) as collaborators

Dear Asana,

As a project manager, I am using Smartsheet, ProjectPlace, Clarizen, Service Now and Asana and many other Project management online tools out there. Each of the platforms has their cons and pros.

I have been using Asana since the product was launched, and I like its simple UI and quick edit option without too much mouse clicks.

After posting my post here Assigning Tasks to Teams @Mark_Hudson recommended me to repost it as product feedback.


  1. Assigning Tasks to a team(s) or a group(s)
  2. Add team(s) or group(s) as collaborators

When I have a task, for example, a request to all my employees to “change their password” immediately.
Normally, everyone would follow the same old fashion way by creating an email and selecting an email group which includes the 5 people or more to ask their employees for changing their password. Then wait for the email from all 5 to get status updates…

But I want to throw away my old fashion way of working, I want to use Asana for controlling task instead. I would like to create a task and assign it to a team of 5 people. To save time i would do as follows:

  1. Create a group names GroupX in Asana (Right now there is no way to create contact or user group in Asana)
  2. Add all 5 people to the GroupX.

Please see the screenshot below for more details before reading further

  1. Create a task and assign it to a user or team leader who will be accountable for the task (see bullet A)
  2. Assign the same task to the GroupX (See Bullet B)
  • When one of the users has completely changed her or his password as required then this person will click to complete the same Asana task. But the task itself will not be marked as completed yet, because there are still 4 users left who have not marked the task as complete. The Task will have some kind of indicators which shows that 1 has complete, 4 still remain incomplete. (See Bullet C)

  • Once all the 5 users have marked their task as complete, then the task will be marked as 100% complete!

  • Each of the users will also see the same task in their MY TASK so they are responsible for following it up daily.

With the process mentioned above, I don’t have to copy/clone 5 tasks and assign them to 5 different people. If I have 100 people where I want them to change their password, then I have to create 100 tasks and assign to 100 of people which it’s wasted of time. I rather go back to the old fashion way and use the Task feature in Microsoft Outlok instead.

I believe that many of us are not only using Asana for working with project related, but we also work with daily operational tasks as well. Almost everything we do at work is related to a task or a project. We must have a better and faster way to communicate, control and follow up tasks than what Asana or other project tools can do right now.

If you Asana, let us create some kind of group or contact, and the possibility to assign a task to a team(s) or group(s), and also an option to add a team(s) or group(s) as collaborators. Well, then I believe you will definitely kill email for sure. You might change the way people communicate with each other via task management (See Bullet D).

I haven’t seen any other Task, Todo, or project management system out there offering users such a feature. So Asana, why don’t you be the first one who implements such a powerful feature for us? :):):slight_smile:


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