Assignee field should only show members of a project or team

Are there any plans to implement this? It’s been years now, and this still remains an issue.

I would like to add support for this feature request. I am new to Asana on a division license within a free organization (a university). The auto-fill list for assignee shows people from throughout the organization—not just the division license, but the whole organization. This poses an issue because anyone with a university email address who has signed up for Asana is part of the organization and could show up on the auto-fill list.

Ideally for a product as large as Asana, this would be a setting that could be turned on/off based on user or team/organization needs. Perhaps the most sensical would be a setting that could be toggled between either a) displaying people within the organization (or divisional license, in the case of a university) on the auto-fill list or b) only displaying people you have collaborated with before on the auto-fill list, so that you don’t accidentally click on someone who should not be invited to a project.

The ability for a team or division admin to toggle this setting would be great. This is especially important in a university setting where there are tens of thousands of email addresses with the university domain, and people may be collaborating on projects containing sensitive information. A full email address could still be typed in to invite collaborators, even external parties, but limiting the autofill suggestions could help reduce the likelihood of clicking on the wrong person.

Even if a feature to limit the auto-fill list to users on the license could only be implemented for division admins, that would be a sufficient improvement to address security/privacy concerns and still be within the aforementioned Asana vision of breaking down silos between departments, especially in the case of a large free organization like a university.


So I created a new team which only has two people in it and added a Project to it. However, when I create a task for that Project, I can see all the other people in other Teams when I select to assign it to someone.

How can I limit it so I can only see the people on this Team, not all in the group?

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I think that is not possible. You never start typing people’s name?

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No, just right off when I click the option to assign it, it comes up with a list of all possible people, regardless of their team

Hi John :wave:t4: Thank you so much for your question.

Please note that it is not currently possible to limit what users show up in the assignee field for tasks. This is great feedback and I would love to pass it onto our Development Team to consider.

Also, I went ahead and moved your post to the #ProductFeedback category so others can easily find it. Hope that’s OK with you.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us, we really appreciate it.

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Cathya :unicorn:

There is definitely pros and cons to this that I had to decide in one of my integrations. In the end, especially collaborators can come from throughout an organization. Multihomed projects can come from various teams. So in the end unless it is an option it may be hard to gain consensus.

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To make everyone happy, maybe you could limit the list shown first to the team, but allow to find anyone using the autocomplete.


That’s a good approach, or even have two tabs, one for Team and one for All Members for example


Thank you for sharing your valid points @Bastien_Siebman and @John_Osborne, it’s sincerely appreciated.

I also went ahead and made a note of it to pass onto our Development Team to consider for future improvements.

Thanks again for voicing your thoughts in regards to this. :blush:

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I would also highly appreciate such a functionality. My scenario is to give access to projects to external clients, who would create tasks, however: they should only assign to certain team members, not to everyone in the company.

Are there any plans of providing such functionality?

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I really hope this feature of limiting Assignee to be rolled out soon.
It is catastrophic if confidential information are assigned to unintended people.

It is also frustrating when guests could assign tasks to anyone (bosses and upper management) who are not even in the project/teams.

And we get questioning from our management what’s going on with all the email notifications of new tasks assigned to them because guests or someone made a mistake in the assignee field

This is so needed - this is a breach of GDPR for my business as now all my clients can see all my clients’ work.

I’m sure this was not apparent before - I’ve been using Asana for many years. I now feel I need to move away from Asana.

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Is there any update on this front, it looks terribly bad to open our Asana to our client and this makes us uncofortable about going on using it :frowning:


Any updates on this? We have a highly sensitive project and I don’t want people to be accidentally assigned things either.

No update and never heard Asana mention it, not sure if it would be fixed (or considered broken even).

Urgent matter due GDPR compliance! Please Asana Support Team, help us with that!


Is there a way to limit what names/email addresses are offered in the drop down menu when clicking on ‘Assignee?’

For example, working on a Project and screen sharing, and want to assign a Task to the individual you are sharing screen with, but don’t necessarily want them to see other names/emails that aren’t related to the project or Team they are on.

Is there a way to either limit the names and emails shown only to those associated with that specific project, or otherwise disable the drop down feature and only assign tasks by emailing individual directly?

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I have merged your post into existing feedback request thread.

This is another one that might be interesting for you.

Have there been any updates on this? Or reasonable workarounds anyone has come up with?

This is a major issue if tasks can mistakenly be assigned, as well as ‘guests’ the ability to see accounts/email addresses in the drop down menu that they shouldn’t have any access to.