Assign time to tasks to see if schedule is full or has space

Hi all,

my team is trying to manage a production schedule through Asana. I am looking to assign a duration of time to tasks in order to see if a workday is full or not.
One task might take 1 hour while 3 tasks take 2 hours leaving a one hour gap in the schedule to accommodate another 1 hour task, versus only seeing 4 tasks for the day with no perception of time.
Is there a way to use Asana in this manner?

Hi @David_Gossett, Welcome to the Forum! :wave::grinning:

Great question, we actually have a thread on this topic. I recommend you to use one of our time tracking integrations or custom field if you are a Premium user. Please find more information on this thread: Assigning time and tracking time for tasks

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions :sunny:

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