Assign multiple assignees on one task


@Vanessa_N what if instead of multiple assignees, asana added concepts of “Owner” and “Needs work from”?

For example, in our current process, devs manage feature delivery (and are thus always, appropriately, owners on given tasks), but at various points it would be useful for that dev to be able to add others to “actively work” on a task. For example, for code reviews, or manual testing.

As has been mentioned previously, this can be done with subtasks. However, subtasks don’t show up on boards, and are therefore harder to track for the assignee.

I suppose, rather than adding one more voice to the chorus asking for multiple assignees, let me phrase this a different way-- what is the best way to solve my particular use case?

  • I would like a dev to be the owner, and see it on our shared board when they filter down to “just my tasks”.
  • I would like to be able to assign additional people to some kind of “needs attention” bucket, and have this task also show up for these people when they filter to “just my tasks”

This way everyone has the same nice unified task-management view

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Right now testing if Asana would be a cool solution for our PM (commercial film production company). With this feature missing - not cool!! I see the point of “one person responsible” for a task - but we definitely need to set multiple team members “participating”.



Hi @Xiao_Fan, welcome to the Forum and thank you for reaching out. I completely understand your point and really appreciate your detailed feedback telling us your use case and the solution you would like to see.

To be honest, we don’t have any changes to this feature planned for the near future, but your suggestion is great, and I am sure our Developers would love to review it. I have since forwarded your feedback to our Product team for consideration.

As a workaround, you can use Tags to point the Owners of the tasks, and the assignee field to point the users who will actively work on these tasks. I know this is not a permanent solution, as only the assignee would see the task in their “My Tasks” list, but it might help unblock your workflow for now.

Apologies for the trouble. I hope this workaround helps! If there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know! :slight_smile:



My issue is that I am using Asana as a project management tool, rather than the task management tool from which it developed. As a freelance PM for small creative businesses, I work with teams composed of other freelancers. Asana is robust enough to handle project management without the overkill of a complex tool like MS Project and it offers a lot of flexibility and great features for the online world in which I reside. Tracking budgets and actual costs is a challenge. I use custom fields for hours and costs. Since various resources have different costs, I need to assign the actual work to the people performing that work to get actual costs. Assigning multiple resources would simplify the process a great deal.

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