Assign multiple assignees on one task

Subtasks would do the trick =)

true, but substasks appear as No Project. I would like them to be inside each projects

That is an entire different request, requested by dozens of people in the forum =)

Why is it that this is still an issue 3 years ago and not addressed? Trello allows multiple people to be assigned to one task (card). having duplicate task defeats the purpose of a project manager app because then you cant track progress on the one task you have to look at it over multiple task


(Different Craig than the one above me) I just signed up to Asana about an hour ago and started reviewing if it would be a good fit for my team - looks great except… Can only assign one person to a task? Having to assign multiple team members to a task is a must, thanks Craig_B for the note about Trello, I’ll be checking it out instead.

I am building a list of workarounds for feature requests like this one: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

If you have fresh ideas, please share there!

Just commenting here so hopefully the powers that be see this and implement this update. : )

I agree. It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been addressed. It would be very easy to make this a setting so that those who want multiple assignees could use it.


Please add a feature for multiple assignees to one task. We use this platform as a collaborative team, need to list who is responsible even if there is one primary.


Totally agree! Asana, why don’t you just make this an option for us?

I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous on Asana’s part. It would be incredibly easy to allow us to assign multiple users to the same task, instead of forcing us to clutter our projects with copies. If you don’t “believe” in assigning multiple people to the same task, it honestly doesn’t matter. You are not the organization. You are the project management tool.


Was looking for a way to assign one task to multiple people (NOT duplicate the task, which litters our projects with redundant tasks), and came across this forum. Here to say that assigning one task to multiple people is a necessary feature. We are trying to migrate from Workfront to Asana and this is something Workfront actually gets right. I don’t understand why Asana can’t do this.

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While i amused to multiple assignees, i get why Asana chose single assignee and i accept that.
We are dealing with this, by adding members as collaborators. It basically depends on how you work i guess.

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I am also hoping to make a switch in PM software, from Airtable to Asana, but this is one thing Airtable gets right. As the project manager for my full creative team, I need to see each person’s workload, and when I assign only one person to the task, then I can’t see everyone’s true workload. Not only that, but the “Workload” feature in Asana was what made me most excited about the switch, and that only allows you to see workload based on who is assigned to the task, not by subtasks.

If they would just add a secondary field, or allow me to add a secondary field, and allow that to be pulled into the “Workload” view, that would solve my immediate problem without jeopardizing their rigid belief that there can only be one owner of the task. OR, allow me to view “Workload” by subtasks, not just by the owner of the task.


I agree this would be incredibly helpful. And I understand the benefit of having one person responsible, but at the same time if people are in training or if input is needed from both sides then both people should be able to see the same task on their task list/calendar. It’s inconvenient to constantly have to split it up so both people can have it listed.

So…this has been requested by almost a 1000 individuals consistently since March 2017 and nothing was done to address this? What is the point of this forum then?

I agree a 100% that this feature is very much needed, and honestly surprised that Asana has not figured a way yet to give the people what they want. I understand that having only 1 person as an assignee might ensure accountability, but there is a way to have both. There were several good suggestions in previous comments, such as adding a principal function (maybe have 2 fields for “assignee” - one for the principle and one for the individual who carries out the task). I also understand that this is reflecting Asana’s philosophy, but isn’t costumer service a part of that philosophy as well?


Looking into making the switch to asana and I do want to add one more vote to this functionality. This is how our organization functions and it would clutter things to have duplicate tasks.

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I have not read through this entire thread so may be speaking out of turn, but I for one would be very concerned about allowing Tasks and SubTasks to be assigned to multiple people, completely from the standpoint of a lack of accountability. It is easy for people to fall into the ‘group think’ that a ‘group’ will get something done. In reality, it is extremely rare for more than one person to be working on a task symmetrically and simultaneously and it is very easy for someone to think ‘the group’ will take care of it.

I have worked hard to move our organization to one of more accountability. In Asana every project has an owner, every task has an assignee. Asana has been helpful in us evolving into a more productive and efficient organization and I believe that allowing only one owner per project and one assignee per task has helped that.

For awareness Asana obviously allows unlimited members per project, unlimited followers per task and unlimited subtasks to subdivide the work. These all seem adequate to me to allow for greater awareness.

However… this is obviously a feature that a number of people are interested in. One of the things that drew me to select Asana for our organization years ago was its flexibility - it gracefully allowed everyone to use their own style of task management while not disrupting the task and project completion ability of the organization. I don’t begrudge Asana from offering this additional flexibility, I just hope that if they do, they allow organizations like mine to keep that Pandora’s box closed. Now that we have finally made significant improvements in accountability, I do not want to see it all erode away back into ‘group think’.

Anyway, those are my unsolicited thoughts.

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If you aren’t going to change this ridiculous policy that doesn’t allow more than one assignee, then there should absolutely be a function to add these tasks / project timelines to other people’s calendars.
I am the resource manager at a creative agency, and Asana does not provide an accurate representation of what my teams are working on. I should be able to look at one of my creative’s calendar and have all their projects populated in there. I don’t understand why there isn’t an option to input a project timeline into a “collaborators” schedule.
Unfortunately, I feel I have put too much time and effort into Asana and onboarding my team to switch to another project management tool. However, if people are finding Trello to be much more user-friendly and has better customer service, I might consider looking into it. Does anyone have any feedback on Trello or other PM tools out there?

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