Asana x Onedrive - error in formulas

We have implemented export of files from our projects to a dedicated folder on OneDrive to our workflow. Infortunately, the formula of integrating Onedrive with Asana breaks down literally every day. To fix this error I have to go into the formula and paste the same link again. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Hi @anon67472475 ,

I’m not sure about the formula or link you are referring to or where you are pasting the link into but I’m wondering whether you could instead be using the below native Rule within Asana, which seems like it will achieve what you are describing, i.e. when a file is attached to any task in the project (no condition, check if) then automatically upload it to a folder in OneDrive.

Problem is with the last step. When i paste the link again it works but only for a day or less.