Asana * Wufoo : Advanced integration

I am working on “Advanced integration” of a forms from Wufoo to Asana. SO far I have followed the Asana guide - Wufoo & Asana • Asana Guide is excellent and everything within the guide work as it says, but I need to go a bit further.

I notice that there is a bit of symbols that asana recognize from the forms( like quotes"" , equal ==, question mark ?), example of multiple choice menu:

"Chose person" == "asana tag" ? 1559453678421
"Chose person" == "asana person" ?

So in the following example I can have a multi choice menu that can assign task to a person and/or put a tag. If I add a second person, that person become a follower, which is great.

My goal: I want to make the form filler to add its email address, and that email address to be add as follower of the task.

What I know: I have so far talked with Wufoo support and they told me that the text from the form goes in a straight text form to Asana, and asana actually recognize the form and create the specific tasks, for example:

<strong>This become BOLD text in asana</strong>

I keep on looking for the rest of the recognized symbols, but without success so far. If you have any kind of information regarding the “Advanced integration” I would love to know.

Hi @dobler and welcome to the forum,

As you say, a form’s fields are copied into the Description field of the resulting task. There’s no documentation as to the formatting of this; you’ll just have to look at the HTML (as you already started doing) and parse it. It’s pretty simple, though - mostly just use the <STRONG> tag, as you noted, to find the fields.

Of course you have to realize that they might change the formatting at any time…