Asana Webhook with Airtable

I’m having a hard time setting up the webhook from Asana into Airtable, I know there needs to be a handshake set up but can’t work out how to do this in Airtable. Has anyone successfully managed to do this or is it not possible? Also, do the webhooks fire on any changes within a project (e.g. change in assignee, due date, custom fields) or is it limited - sorry, couldn’t see in the API documentation

Hi @gwion and welcome to the forum,

I can’t help you with the first part of your post - I’ve not used Airtable - but for the second part, yes, by default it will fire for any changes, but you can specify a filter to limit it to only certain types of changes.

See “Filtering” here:

and I’d also recommend searching the Developers & API forum section for “webhook filter” as there are some discussions of it here, also.

Thanks Phil!

For anyone searching & looking to integrate into Airtable, you will need to run it into an external service that supports asynchronous handshakes first & then forward it to Airtable

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That’s good to know, thanks for posting that info, @gwion!