Asana Uses in Financial Field

I am hoping to find the best way to use Asana to track Required Minimum Distributions – an amount of money that needs to come out of a client’s account on an annual basis before year end. This amount changes from year to year, and is only required to begin at age 72, so the list will be different for each year.

We have divided the style of distribution into columns (some clients like to take a lump sum, some take monthly recurring distributions, etc).

I was able to pull a list of clients who have a Required Minimum Distribution from the custodian. Each client who has a Required Minimum Distribution has a task card that includes the amount required, distributions year to date, and distributions remaining.

I am stuck and wondering if anyone has a workaround idea to help:

  1. We cannot import subtasks from CSV. This means that we would need to go into each client task and manually add subtasks to track communication.

  2. Since the values will obviously change as the year goes on, we cannot use the notes or update section to track our communication either. This would be overwritten when we import new data.

  3. How can we create a template for this idea? Each year, the clients affected will be different, the due dates will change, and the columns have the potential to change as well. It seems very cumbersome to have to go in and manually add subtasks AND manually update data as well.

We are trying to move away from using a spreadsheet to track this, and feel like Asana could be a great tool. I am hopeful I am just missing the best way to accomplish this.

Thank you!

I would recommend you review Asana’s approach to task data security; there is no way to prevent anyone with task editing access from changing or deleting these tasks, nor can you audit what changes have been made, nor will you necessarily be notified. I wouldn’t risk it.

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Understood. The custodian firm will still have unchangeable data that we will reference throughout the year, so I am not too worried that amounts will be incorrect, etc. It is something that we check, re-check, triple check, quadruple check before year end, plus we get alerts from the custodian firm.

We are looking for a way to track communication to clients and have an area where everyone can see the progress of RMD completion for the year.