Asana User ID Error with Salesforce Flow Builder

I am receiving this error message when I try to automatically create tasks using Salesforce Flow Builder:

  • We can’t find the Asana user being used in the Assignee field in the Salesforce Process Automation. Please make sure to use the user ID instead of the user’s email.

The flow works fine if I remove the Assignee field from the automation, but the assignee being filled is essential to automating our Sales process.

I am using the user ID as found in the browser and in the Asana API link, but for some reason, this string of numbers isn’t being picked up in the flow. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi Samantha, welcome to the forum.
I have not worked with Sales force, but perhaps @ambforumleader might have and can assist?
Have you tried reaching out to sales force support just in case they could help?

Hi Rashad,

I haven’t yet!

I used this to get the gid: Get a user

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