Asana + Toggle Integration: How to automatically set Toggle project+task when starting timer?

I start time in Toggl from Asana Toggle integration via Toggl chrome extension.

Is it possible to set Toggl project and task automatically? Like predifine toggle task+project in asana task, or make it auto-fill if project names match asana/toggl?

Best Alex

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Hi Alex,

I think I am understanding your question, you want your Toggl projects to match what is listed as a task in Asana. I work in the marketing department of my organization and we have 6 departments that we do work for.

There is no auto-fill per say. You would have to start/stop down your task list to get all the entries for the day. I usually have a browser with both Asana and Toggl open and jump back and forth.

The way I have the Asana/Toggl integration set-up, my Asana tasks become the description in Toggl. I use the projects in Toggl to categorize work by department. I rarely use the Chrome extension but, I do use the Asana extension frequently, which should auto-populate the description in Toggl.

Occasionally there is a delay w/ my internet or something is connecting and I will copy and paste my entries from Asana directly into Toggl so the match.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you Kathleen, that does answer my question, for whether or not I could somehow register the Toggl project in asana. To bad, but I do see there could be some value in having the description auto-filled from asana task.

Best Alex