Asana template: task descriptions carry over?

I converted a project into a template, but when I use the template all the task descriptions from the old project have carried over. Is there a way to not make that happen?

Hi there Sunny,

From my understanding and personal experience with templates, when you use a template the new project will be in exactly the same condition the template is in at that point in time. So yes, it is an expected behavior for the descriptions to carry over.
You could consider creating a DUPLICATE of the project instead. This allows you to de-select certain criteria you don’t want to follow over to the new project. Task description is one of these.
I am no expert, this is only what I’ve experienced and worked around. Probably not a perfect solution, but hope it’s a little helpful.


Hi @Sunny_Zhang,

@Mikayla_Santiago’s advice is excellent; I second their suggestion. Duplicate the project, making sure to uncheck “Task Description”; then you can do “Convert to Template” on that duplicated project and your template will have no task descriptions.

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Unfortunately, duplicating a project will erase all the relative due dates on my tasks. I would have to re-assign dates on everything

Can you say more specifically (and/or post a screenshot) as to what you mean by “relative due dates”? Tasks in normal Asana projects don’t have relative dates, they can only have absolute calendar dates.

My project template is a 2 week-long template with tasks and subtasks due on specific days during the week. When I use the template, I’m able to set a “project start date”, and all the due dates adjust accordingly. They do not adjust if I simply make a duplicate of the project rather than use the template.

You misunderstand my suggestion above; sorry if it wasn’t clear.

You’re not going to use the “duplicate” function in place of the “create from template” function.

Rather , you’re only using the “duplicate” function one time for the purpose of making a copy of the project that doesn’t have the task descriptions in it. (When you do the “duplicate”, be sure to UNCHECK “Task Description” and to CHECK “Task Due Date”.)

Once you have that project duplicate copy, then do “Convert to Template” on it. Now you have a template that you can use from that point on, which has your dates but has no task descriptions.

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I will try that. Thank you

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