Asana search bar - no assignee


Has there been an update to the search bar? before i could type part of a task (production works order in our factories case) which would then show me a short list of matching results without having to click in to anything extra it would also show who they are assigned to (or what department in our factory). when i do this now i just get the task title and no info telling me the who has this job unless i click in to the task to bring the full task window up.

If this is a new feature (or removal of one) is there a way to specify that i do see this?

I saw this morning that the search results have a new look so I guess this is something that disappeared? I can confirm I don’t see the assignees of tasks being searched…

Asana Certified Pro, consultant, author and developer

Hi @Rob_McGrail! It could be related to some A/B test we’re currently running!