Asana Release Notes February 2023

Project Roles is a game changer :raised_hands:


Regarding Hubspot Integration:
I’d love to sync all my tasks in hubspot from a specific “queue/list” with a specific project - both ways

Regarding google calender intergration:
I’d love to keep an appointment synced, even if i move the date of the task that created the calender integration. Even further, sync all Tasks (from a section) from a specific project to my teammembers calender.

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We’d really benefit big from those 2 requests as well!

I love seeing subtask enhancements in the release notes!

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Beautiful release… I can see the option to add time records, but not the start/stop timer… can you recommend me a tutorial for this function?



This may still be rolling out and not yet available to 100% yet.

Documentation is found here:

And perhaps of use too:


Y’all are correct-- assigning roles really would be a game-changer. It really stinks to be a Premium subscriber these days. Boo, hiss!

Such nice updates this month!
It’d be even more helpful if you could let us know which plan user gets the access to these updates :slight_smile:

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@Marie I kept trying to subscribe to the News and Asana Release Notes and still wasn’t getting the emails. Just now I was looking at my preferences and I think maybe the additional step I was missing was there. Am I correct that this preference has to be set for the bell notifications to work? If so, it might be helpful to other people to add this step to your instructions.

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Correct @Katie_Kendle :slight_smile:

Whyyyyy does the rules on subtasks not work for overdue notifications?! This is a big pain point for us. :frowning:

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+1 this comment. Is it on the product roadmap to have the rule on subtasks apply for overdue notifications?

Can you say more about what you mean here?

Our team has been really struggling with one small piece of the recent update. We regularly used the filter section to go through each team members tasks in a meeting - first you could choose to show just your tasks, then go through your teammates one at a time. You can still do this task, but it takes A LOT more clicks. I’d love the ability to do our own filter presets in specific boards!

Welcome, @Kirstie_Evans,

Another suggestion, in case you hadn’t tried it yet, you could sort (group) by Assignee and that would eliminate a lot of clicks; just scroll; collapse/expand if desired.


Hey @lpb - thanks for such a prompt response.
Totally a fair suggestion. Unfortunately, because it still shows every task for every team member it’s quite difficult to quickly assess how many tasks a single team member still has open / in progress / finished. Instead we’re met with a wall of 100+ tasks and a lot of scrolling to see what’s on a single team member’s plate. We can definitely work around it, but it was a filter that I was using 5+ times a day and even then I wished there was a shortcut to it.

I understand, @Kirstie_Evans!

Depending on how many team members you have, you could save an Advanced Search report for each person, sorted by Due date or other field, and so long as the columns can show what you need (you can include global custom field columns), that might be another alternative to consider.

Sounds interesting - can you link me to information on how to save an advanced search report? I can’t seem to find information on it.

Sure, you do an advanced search (Search box > Advanced search) then there’s an option at the top right to Save. You get to name it and it appears on your sidebar. You can share the URL in the browser address bar with others. More info;


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