Asana Project Task Duplication Issue

User of my Asana project will duplicate previous task tickets as well as other Asana project task tickets and then insert them in to my project. This is bad practice and causes havoc on my automated rules and reporting. Is there anyway to prevent project users from duplicating and adding previously made task tickets? I only want task tickets to be created in the project from my form being submitted.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

You could provide on Commenter access to project members and by default to all those with access to the project not as a member and that would prevent them.

If that isn’t suitable, you can catch the issue after the fact with a custom rule (Business/Advanced and above plans). You may need a custom field and a bit of logic to isolate tasks added not from the form but it’s do-able. Again, that would prevent it but you can address it after the fact, perhaps.