Asana Project Manager for digital agency

Not sure if there is somewhere on Asana where I can post this but we are looking for a fulltime project manager using Asana for a small ecommerce agency in South Africa.

Ideally these are the qualities we are looking for.

  • South African based in the Cape Town (Helderberg) area
  • Extremely good communicator. Is outgoing and willing to speak on the phone with clients.
  • Takes the bulls by the horns. We need someone that is not going to mess around - we have a lot of work coming in and this person needs to get things done.
  • Extremely organized - The person needs to be insanely organised.
    • Preference will be given to someone who has experience with online project management tool like Asana
    • If it is a student, there is going to be a lot of training that needs to be done, so ideally that person is close by that they may need to come in.
    • If the person has experience, then we can look at remote work.
    • Inevitably, long-term, the person will work from home
  • If they have marketing experience, that would be fantastic, because it can be used to execute our campaigns
  • Preference will be given to a woman since equality in light of digital disruption will set women back some 150 to 200 years on the equality scale.

Please do send email to

Hi @James29, thanks for sharing this in the Forum! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an interesting option @James29 .

(From a fellow South African)

Hi Paul. Do you have a number I can possibly call you on? Can you PM it to me please?

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Thanks @James29 . Just sent a direct message to you with the details.

thanks @Paul_Grobler - chat tomorrow

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