Asana IOS App & Google Shared/Team Drive

I’m using the Asana IOS app. I tried to attach a doc stored on our Google Shared/Team Drive but I’m only seeing MyDrive files. This features works fine on browser version of Asana. Is it not available on the iOS version or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Stephen_Fitzgerald,

Team Drive is not yet available on Mobile, but this is definitely something we will consider in the future. i’ll keep you posted on this thread as soon as I hear something on my end!

And news about this? I mean especially for those working with an iPad Pro as their primary computing device. This is a deal breaker. It’s about a year now and Asana is yet to implement this?

This can’t be complicated. Google Drive files are just URL’s and I’m sure it’s just a Google api to integrate it. Asana could definitely be better for people working with Google Docs.

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