Asana in a standalone window

Hi everybody

I previously found an asana app in the chrome web store.

This extention for chrome allowed you to get asana in a standalone window.
But today i don’t find it anymore, is there still a way to get asana in a standalone window ?

Thanks, best regards

Lou from Marseille, France.

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You can read What's the status of a native Asana Mac app? for alternatives :wink: For example Nativfier or Fluid.

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Hey @Gremet_Perso, Michael from Asana here.

This is not an app that was created or developed by Asana so I am unsure what it could be.

That said, I encourage you to vote on a post in our #productfeedback category post below, to let our developers know this is important to you



Thanks Bastien

I’ve also used Fluid to make an app for Mac.

However, if you use Windows, there’s an equally good alternative : Chrome’s Add to Taskbar, available from Settings > More tools. Check the “open in window” box and what you’ll get is

  • a desktop/taskbar shortcut with Asana’s logo
  • that launches Chrome in “chromeless” (no tabs, bookmarksbar, etc) mode so it looks like a native app
    This way, you can keep it open all day and have it be separate from your Chrome tabs.
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Thanks RaduG
You’re right, that’s the solution i used before.
But to do that you need to have, in chrome, an extention with a shortcut to asana…

Previously (if my memory is right) this asana extension was in chrome web store, i remember that asana was in my google apps launcher.

But now this is no more the case… i don’t understand why.

i meant Chrome apps launcher instead

Thanks, that’ll probably give me the solution, i just hava to find the equivalent tool for windows.

My favorite 3p app is Taskana:

Hi erribody, in fact it was native in google chrome for windows :
When you have the asana app in chrome just go to settings (from chrome) / more tools / add to desktop.

And voila :sunglasses:


This can also be done with the Mac version of Chrome. It requires enabling some experimental features though. I’ve created a document that explains how:


I really liked the idea of Taskana (Asana in Electron) but noticed that it hadn’t been updated for 4+ years and no longer worked… so I took it on and brought it back to life. You can find the latest version here running on the latest version of Electron:

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Hi @RMW-Web-Publishing (and others on this thread),

FYI Asana released an official desktop app for Windows and Mac a few weeks ago:

(BTW it’s an Electron app as well.)