Asana for emergency procedures

I need to create a project for an emergency procedure. I want to go ahead and assign the tasks to different member, but really want it completely hidden until the emergency happens. For example, in inclement weather we have a list of tasks that need to be completed. I want to go ahead and pick who will accomplish each task, but I don’t want them to see them or think they need to do anything with it - unless the emergency happens.
I was thinking of making all of the sub tasks dependent, but as soon as I assign the task they get notified.
How can I assign tasks, but not let the user be notified or even see them until I engage the project in a state of emergency?

I can Understand the use case for your tasks, but this is not possible in Asana. You will have to manually assign the tasks as soon as the team should be notified. One thing you can look at is the use of templates on the premium account together with Automation by Flowsana