Asana for Desktop: Now Available for Early Access!

Hi @Brian_Smith1, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the announcement post to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted on this thread if any changes are made by the Product team! :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

@Zaraida_Diaz I really wish I could set the desktop app to notify me when new tasks are added to a project…not just when I am assigned or mentioned.

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How does this work if you use Okta for SSO in Asana?

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Nope, hasn’t worked yet.

I appreciate this feature. I like the History feature quick browsing what I have done so far and if I need to go back to the last few lines of activities then quick click reach out. I will explore more and give my feedback with more updates. Thanks for keeping unfolding with successes.

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One of the key items I use in the browser, is multiple tabs for multiple projects open at once, or just have My Tasks, or Inbox etc open in seperate tabs. Being able to move from one to the other quickly is nice.

I notice that there is no tabs available on the desktop version, except you can open projects in a new window (which takes a long time to open actually too…) So you end up with multiple windows open at once, instead of one window with multiple tabs; desktop clutter.

@Zaraida_Diaz , are there any plans for tabbed browsing on the desktop version? Thanks!


Hi all.

I’m enjoying the Desktop app very much and I agree with the comments made earlier.
as mentionned earler, it would be great to have a multi tab option and have a notification on the App when there is somehing new but what I am commenting for today is to ask if there is away from the App to get the url of the post.

Some users never check their ASANA and have notifications turned off. I like to prode them when I really need their input with a link to the task.

Thank you all.

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Hi @Jonathan_Stern,

The desktop app contains the same “Copy task link” button, at the top of the task detail pane, that the web app has.


thank you @Phil_Seeman, it’s rather embarassing now that you say it like that :blush: I never had to use this button, and I looked for it in the … Menu


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Will this desktop app available in Mac App Store?
It will be too much hassle to update it manually since we are using Asana for daily work.

Thanks for your report and sorry for the trouble @tenecia and @Tom_Vranas! I can’t seem to reproduce this issue so it could be related to some settings. Could you please contact our support team so we can investigate this further? How to contact our Support Team :email: Thank you!

Great feedback, @Danielle_Yockman! If you are interested, please request this feature in the #productfeedback category so other customers can support your request and upvote.

@Emily_Donnelly if you use Okta for SSO, you will need to add your email address and click “Sign in to Asana”, then you will be redirected to your service provider to login!

@Phil_Bowles @Jonathan_Stern you can currently have multiple windows within the Desktop app! You can open a second (or third, or more) window by right-clicking or CMD/shift clicking Asana links, or with the CMD + N keyboard shortcut. We don’t have plans to add the option to have multiple tabs within the same window, I encourage you to create a new thread for this feature in our #productfeedback category!

Thanks for your feedback @Sheng1! the Desktop app is currently available for download at I don’t think we have plans to add it to the App Store but we will make sure to let you know if that’s available in the future.

Congrats on launching this! I already feel more productive with Asana in my dock and being notified with desktop notifications instead of emails.

• Tabs (look at how Figma did it, pretty convenient)
• Responsive design so I can use Asana fullscreen with another app. I love this focused way of working. (see screenshots)
• Overall a design that feels more home on the mac.

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Dear Asana Team. It’s nice to see, that you listen to the community, wich really needed a Native-App. But seriously? Put the app in a browser wrapper with a history button of a browser?

I used Asana with UNITE (Website to App Converter) wich works much more better, than the basic Native App of Asana now…

So we are here for feedback and improvements, right?! There you go:

  • Make it really native on macOS with M1 / Universal.
  • We overwrite styles of your app with the Fluid or Unite App, wich allows as, to double the size of the sidebar, because we have long names. Insert this overwrite CSS function, or add a dragable sidebar!
  • Allow tabs or multiple windows for different workspaces.
  • Why is the top bar in a complete different color than sidebar or the rest of Asana.

So at all this early access feels like a one hour solution on macOS (don’t know the windows version).

Cheers! :slight_smile:


+1 for integrations - we use Toggl with Asana. If we have an Toggl button in email and not in Asana then people will stop looking at Asana (too much hassle to copy the task and project to time tracking).

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Unite is MacOS-only. You have to remember that in adding desktop-app capability, Asana has to support both Mac and Windows. The advantage of using the Electron technology they’re using is that you can have basically one code base for both Windows and Mac, which is a game-changer in terms of productivity and efficiency for their desktop team.

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Thank you so much for this desktop app, it’s really peaceful to separate the workflow from the browser.

Nevertheless, I have 2 issues :
For information : I’m a Windows user on Win 10 Pro on 20H2 update.

  • Issue #1 : need to desactivate SmartScreen from Windows and my antivirus to install the Desktop App
    I just want to warn that I had issues to install the app. The Smart Screen Module of Windows prevents me to install it, as my AVG antivirus. I must desactivate the both to install it. I reactivate them after installation and I have no longer this issue.

  • Issue #2 : Sometimes, the application stops to refresh.
    This issue appears when I’m not on Asana for a long time. Some of my teammates click on “finish the task”, but I have no notifications in my Inbox. This is random, I encounter the issue only yesterday.

Thanks in advance for your help !


I’ve been wanting a Desktop version for the longest time!

Thanks very much Team Asana

TABs are an absolute must. I often have several projects open at the same time and tabs make it very convenient to switch between them.

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For everyone who wants multiple tabs for the Asana Desktop app, make sure to go vote for this feature on the Product Development page! Here is the link to the specific post: Multiple Tabs in Desktop App