Asana failed with the error "dispatch_failed" when using Slack Asana Integration

Hi all, is anyone familiar with what might be causing the following error: /asana failed with the error “dispatch_failed”

This is occurring when we are using the Slack Integration and attempting to accessing settings. Starting sometime yesterday, we had intermittent experiences of this error when attempting to use the command “/asana settings”, but later in the day it was working intermittently. As of 1pm today, it’s not working at all. Is there a place to go to troubleshoot this kind of thing?

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I’m having the same issue here.

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Same here

Same here, but I have this problem since weeks. :expressionless:

I am wondering if there is a way to boost this post to get the right input from others who might have a suggestion for how to proceed with this. slack integration #asana-integration

I moved this thread to the “Report a Bug” section to hopefully get more visibility on it.

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Hi everyone, sorry to hear about this trouble. Our Developers received similar reports last week but they have since deployed a fix. Can you let me know if the issue is still happening? Thank you!

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I just tested the “/asana settings” feature (which was the one that was consistently failing before), and it appears to be working fine right now. I will notify other users and I’ll find out if anyone else is having the problem. Thanks

Thank you @Tim_Blair_BNPA! Other users have also confirmed that everything is fine now. I’ll close this thread, but don’t hesitate to let me know if it comes back :slight_smile:

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