Asana + Dubsado


I am interested in integrating Dubsado with Asana. I know that Zapier has some options but are there any other ways to integrate the two apps?

I do the connection for them through Zapier…they don’t talk to each other natively yet…


I’m currently using Airtable + Asana using Zapier.

There is an alternative using integromat, but I’ve checked that Dubsado is not available yet.

How’s you integration workflow by the way?

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Hi @Leonarce. I haven’t made an integration workflow yet has the triggers listed in Zapier didn’t have what I was looking for.

What is the the specific trigger you’re looking for? If it’s not available, perhaps there are workaround.

I want to create a task in my time tracker in Dubsado instead of using Harvest in Asana. Right now I’m copying and pasting between the 2 apps.

I hope you find this page helpful:

Based on the reply above, I’d assume you need Asana as a trigger and Dubsado as Action.

Unfortunately there’s only a single option to create new project in Dubsado, I’m not sure if that suit you.