Asana "Dark Mode" Color Option

Good afternoon. Is a dark theme available yet?


Repeatedly asking won’t do anything. Vote for the thread if you haven’t. Other than that there’s nothing any of us can do.

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8SEP2020 - Nearly 5 months into the rona. Still no Dark Mode in Asana web. The natives are getting restless, being stuck at home behind bright monitors which have dark mode for the OS and most apps. Switching tabs to Asana causes a painful burst of light from which the creatures reel in pain. Those among us who have turned have moved on to using Monday. Perhaps the Asana gods will smile upon us and grant us our reprieve.


Add Dark mode, please! Even Microsoft Teams with Planner has a dark mode now…

How do you know this for absolute fact? It’s getting hearts, so I don’t think it’s absolutely pointless.

Second paragraph “Voting for product features”

100%. How have they not rolled out a native dark mode. This should be standard. Get on this Asana!

“This category is a place for you to provide feedback about the Asana product and vote on your favorite feature requests. Please vote on the ideas that you’d like to see implemented. Note that we will read comments to help us understand the context of your requests, but we will specifically use votes to prioritize your feature requests

I would argue that they say they specifically use votes to prioritize feature requests, but later say “Your votes will help us understand the Community’s preferences as we bring Community feedback to our roadmapping discussions. These Community preferences will be integrated into Asana’s Voice of Customer process.” showing that it is the “voice of the customer” that they go off of. Replies like this is just the costumer voicing that this is something they are checking daily and care very much about that feature. This shows that it may in-fact be taken into their “voice of the customer” process, meaning that this does potentially make a difference.

+1 for this idea!

We need Dark mode.