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Hi @Sebastian_Paasch

I am using asana as CRM and despite trying to use a lot of automations, I still hit those issues.
Another things I have notices is that if you have a subtasks-heavy setup (all my customers have lots of subtasks) asana start slowing down sensibly.

I am a super-supporter of asana as CRM, but if you grow, then the limitations starts to become visible… Curious to see if there are additional elements I haven’t found out yet!


really great guide thx
im busy implementing it for my Sales Staff.

(Although it did take me 4 hours to figure out how to nest the sub tasks)

The one thing i’m finding really tricky to manage is getting the Note into multiple tasks simply.
IS there a quick trick?

@Alexis Because of your post, I just realized we can use the form integration to handle some of our 3rd party RSVPs for some of our nonprofit events. Very pleased. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know @Crystal_Alifanow! I’m so glad :grinning: :unicorn:

I’m looking at Hubspot too. I’m a Small Business Consultant and I want to recommend a CRM to my clients but I’m having a hard time choosing one bc I do everything in ASANA. The downside is that I have to generate the Action Items and follow up and remember to copy and paste emails into ASANA when I get feedback. Hubspot is free and worth a shot, although they work inside email with everything. Reminders get sent to email, etc. I do like the aspect of Hubspot where it tells you when someone has viewed your email, and all of the email communication gets tracked by the Hubspot CRM.

You can email tasks to Asana and also use Gmail or Outlook extension to use Asana from there :wink:

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If only Cloze and Asana integrated… it would heaven. Anybody using Cloze separately?


We are new asana users; all positive thus far. Does asana offer its’ own CRM? We’d rather not go to a Salesforce like product and integrate, but rather see if asana has its’ own CRM capabilities. Any help or direction steering is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

It does not but Templana has a template to give you some examples on how to use Asana as a CRM:

Disclaimer: I am the founder

Asana Certified Pro, consultant, author and developer

Hi @molly.osyf; I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Asana & CRM, and I highly recommend you to take a look at the tips above! :slight_smile:


This is excellent! Thank you for putting together such a thorough and helpful tutorial.


Has anyone used ASANA to manage a list of contacts they interact with? I’m keen to find a simple solution to have a team based networked mapped within ASANA, if possible.

Any help (or alternate suggestions) would be appreciated.


Hi @Rob_Griffin and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread. Have a look at the suggestions above :point_up_2:and let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

I’ve been trying, but it’s painful. Asana so much easier to get data in, track with teams. Cloze gives automated 360 view and reminders. I’m leaning towards abandoning cloze and seeing if there is someway I can set up just in asana to work. Would love to know what approach you ended up with?

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@Michael How are you liking the integration and what’s the cost structure you have set up? Does it mess up a lot or work well regularly. Could you give me an idea of what you’ve integrated? I’m looking to have "workflows (projects) in Asana show up on a specific contact / account. It’s my primary goal to keep all client information in one place, even if I use Asana as my PM system.

We use Asana as our CRM everyday. The only thing keeping it from replacing our traditional CRM software is email. We can discover a way to select multiple contacts (tasks) and send the emails addresses (in a custom field named Email) to our mail client (Gmail) with all the select contact address in the To: line. Not real bulk mailing, just a handful of selected contacts or contacts with the same tags.

The custom email field works perfectly with the Visit Link button, but it’s not available for multiple contacts (tasks). If it was…goodbye CRM software.


I would be all for transitioning to Asana for CRM if I could organize and/or “attach” projects to clients. That would be AMAZING. There is no native way to do that right now, so I end up creating a project for each client to track one-off requests, which is clunky and fails to attach similar projects.

For that reason, I use AirTable for a CRM, and connect revenue/projects/invoicing through links in AirTable. That works flawlessly. Having another tool is not ideal, but its better than trying to adhoc it in Asana.


I’d love to see too!

I’ve been playing around with Asana and so far I love it. Recently I’ve read some posts about people using it for CRM’s. Does anyone here use it for that purpose and willing to share with me?

What I’m looking for is not so much a CRM but a simple contact manager. I want to be able to keep track of my clients information, and the companies they work for. In addition I’d like to be able to add as many notes as I need to every time I have an interaction with a customer. I don’t need it to manage my emails, show me who I haven’t contacted in a while or any analytical stuff a typical CRM does. Is this possible in Asana?


We are using Asana as a CRM but still in the process of trying to find what works for us. We setup a project titled CRM - Contacts and each task is a client. Using custom fields you can set it up to where you can see important info at a glance (in list view).

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