Asana API notes not considering new line/line break

I am trying to add lines breaks/new lines into notes will creation a task through API(salesforce callout). Below is the body of callout which was used. You can find “\n” before work phone.
I went through link Asana API notes not considering new line or \n or line break and it did not help me. Could you please help me with how to add new line in notes ?
String httpBody = ‘{’ +
‘“data”: {’ +
‘“name”: "’+ leadlst[0].Name +’",’+
‘“notes”: "Name :’+leadlst[0].FirstName+’\n Phone: “,’+
‘“custom_fields”: {“1200096482486192”: "’+ leadlst[0].Id +’”,“1200096488355024”: “’+ leadlst[0].Preferred_Doctor_1__c+’”},’+
‘“Projects”: ["’+ ac1.Project_GID__c +’"]}}’;

Hi Team, We can added bullet points or numbered points with by using html_notes instead of notes as below
‘“html_notes”: “Notes Body

  • 1st Sentence
  • Second Sentence