Asana android app running slow


Ive got 2x different Android phones.
Both have the same issue.
Its the same if im on wifi.
Its the same on different wifi.
Its the same on 4g using sim cards
Its the same on different phone networks.

Xiaomi Mi10Tpro latest updates for asana app and android
Xiaomi 11tpro latest updates for asana app and android.

Due to this i assume its likely something to do with either my account and tasks in it, or the android app itsself.

I have cleared all running apps in memory.
I have restarted the phones.

The android app is significantly slower than it used to be, and its getting to the point that its sort of unusual due to the speed.

This is how i use it and the issue i have.

Every day, i open the asana app.
I go to my tasks.
I have a list of tasks that appear on Today because of due dates i use that appear there everyday due to rules.

I then select a task and open it.
This speed of opening it has slowed down a little.

I then change the section as needed, and change the new due date if needed. This seems normal speed, maybe a little slower.

I then select the back button at the top left so that i can get back to my today list so i can triage these.
This takes a long time and sort of hangs as though its stuck or not going anything. The speed of this part is now a real issue.
Sometimes i press it again, thinking its doing nothing, and when it does go back, it knows ive pressed the location and it thinks ive pressed the top left button which is account details and that opens.

I hope that makes sense.

Is there anything i can do to speed up the app?
Its clearly not specific to my one phone or internet connection.

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I second this request. I’m using the Android beta 7.39.2 and in the last several weeks I’ve noticed slowness in some, but not all, areas. For example, drag and drop (in My Tasks) has a clear extra delay to make the final update after drop that I never recall seeing before. I think there’s also a sluggishness in navigating either to/from/both between My Tasks and Task Detail views, the main things I do on mobile.

I’ve moved this to bugs since it’s a new, unexpected behavior, though maybe others would disagree. @Marie, should it be in Mobile or here???



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im on app version 7.38.5 (7380500) on both phones. this seems to be the latest version in the google play store.

HI folks,

@Vanessa_N will be in touch soon with next steps :slight_smile:


Hi @Jimmyss and @lpb, sorry to hear that you are running into issues with our mobile app. I’ve tried to replicate this on my end and can confirm that I see some slowness, although in my case it’s not as severe as what Jimmy is experiencing.

I have escalated this report to our Mobile Developers for investigation and will keep you posted once I know more. Thank you so much for flagging this!


Just to add.
Id say its probably even slower today, and its the same on both phones.

Its even slow when manually selecting and dragging tasks between sections in My Tasks view. If i touch and hold and drag it, there is a delay in moving it, and then once its moved a delay in the view updating.
Its a delay of maybe 3-4 seconds which id noticeable especially when it should be virtually 0.

Also, my phone’s are working perfect with no speed issues in any other apps, switching between apps, browsing, or anything else that would possibly show up as slow if there was an issue with the phone.

Hi @Jimmyss, thanks for the update. Our team has been able to identify the issue, and they are currently working on a fix. As soon as I have any updates I’ll be sure to share with you!

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Thanks so much, @Vanessa_N, that’s great to know it’s identified and being worked on!


Hi @Jimmyss and @lpb, our team has launched an updated version of the Android app with a fix for the slowness. Please update your app, and if the issue persists, let us know! :slight_smile:

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im on 7401500 ill test and come back to you

Running 74015 on my galaxy s22 ultra and it is very slow to scroll and respond within a task still.

Thanks for letting me know, @Korey_Wong. I’ve tested the new version on my end and the slowness seems to have been resolved. In order to give us our Developers an idea of the level of slowness, can you kindly reach out to our Support team with a screencast?

Please share this thread link in your message and this will help our team expedite your request. Thank you!

Its still the same for me.
It has not resolved anything.

Its still slow, clunky, jerky, lagging in response, taking too long to do operations.
Even pressing back to go out of a task can take upto 5 seconds.

We cant really provide a screencast from a mobile.
You would not be able to tell when we pressed something or touched the screen and so would not be able to see the time lag.

I feel like its a bit of a sneaky way out by trying to blame the user for not providing evidence, when its asanas problem they have an issue with the software.

Why not duplicate one of our accounts in developer mode, install it on a phone, and test it for yourself?

Here is a lag from a workflow.

Press account.
Press my tasks.
This can take anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to load my tasks.
Scroll through my tasks and it jerky and lags, after you have waited for it to load.
Open up a task and its usually quite responsive.
Change the due date.
Change the section.
Press back and it can take from 3 seconds to 7 seconds to get back to My Tasks screen.

This is the same on both phones, both with a fresh reboot, both with memory cash cleared, both with all background apps closed, both connected to my home fast wifi and with good 4g signal.

Its making the android app virtually unusable.
Its so frustrating with the lag in response time.
I’m struggling to get through and re organise My Tasks schedule for today.

Chasing this so it doesnt auto close

Hi @Jimmyss, sorry for the delay. We’ve informed our Developers that the issue persists and they are actively working on further improves to the app. As soon as we have any updates we will share here.

Android app still very slow on loading and it will often times load an old cached version of the task list even if I delete the app and reinstall.

Hi @Korey_Wong, thanks for reporting, and sorry to hear that. Our Developers are still working on improvements, but they will let me know once there’s any update to share.

Hi everyone! This issue should be now solved. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback! :slight_smile:

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