Re open a closed fault that isnt sorted. Slow App, see inside

can this be re opeened?
there is no difference, its still painfully slow and not useable quie often on both phones.
both updated with latest android and asana.
its not just me either as you can see

Dont know if this helps as I had the issue on my mac computer.
If your ASANA is super slow in loading projects etc, try TURNING OFF DARK MODE !!!

I was having this issue for 2 +years - and looked and looked for solutions.
I just turned off Macbook Pro Dark Mode in the Settings and it is now super fast, hallelujah. I hope it lasts.

I truly hope it helps as ASANA is an amazing tool and kills productivity when its slow.

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I do use dark mode. Ill give it a try.
You wouldn’t think this would cure it though.


dark mode made no difference.
it still has the same issues.
this was the original post asana closed.

No updates or help from support?
Its still the same.