Are there Asana third party developers that can help a company with setup and implementation?

Hello! I’m a Marketing & Communications VP and Asana Ambassador that implemented Asana when I started with our company about a year and a half ago to track and manage my department’s work. Our use of Asana has garnered attention from other departments in our organization. The head of our IT department plans to purchase and implement Asana for work management across our entire organization in 2024. This is awesome news!! The problem is that I’m currently the only person that knows Asana well. While I can help some with the implementation, my priority is in leading my department. I’m wondering if there are third-party Asana developers for hire that can partner with us to help build Asana to work for different departments (customer service, finance, operations, IT, etc.) and integrate with our various platforms. Any recommendations and/or guidance are appreciated!

Hi @thaack,

I’m not sure you need a developer - based on your description, a good Asana consultant like @lpb or @Bastien_Siebman or @Richard_Sather or others should be able to do what you’re asking for. Unless you’re sure you’ll need some custom code written (generally that’s pretty unlikely)?


Hi, @thaack, and thanks, @Phil_Seeman.

Yes, I agree with Phil and would be happy to offer my services. Please learn more at the link below, and feel free to DM me here or contact me at the Contact page below:



Hi @thaack , hello from me too :wave:

Well done , that’s surely exciting news and it’s understandable you will need some support!

You might be interested in my System Design package of services as well as a wide range of support services which I can carry out offline, along with online workshops and training sessions for yourself and your entire organization, to make sure they all make the most out of Asana.

You can browse more on my website,

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Hi @thaack I also support organisations implement Asana and make sure the setup is customised to their specific business. I’ve implemented it across an unusual range of business types outside of the typical dev/agile framework.
You can see more here Task management and collaboration made easy for SMEs with Asana —